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South Coast Bank & Trust Security Measures

South Coast Bank & Trust is dedicated to protecting the financial information you entrust to us and helping protect you from identity theft. We have partnered with various organizations to ensure peace of mind each and every time you visit our site.

South Coast Website Security

The entire South Coast Bank & Trust website is protected by "SSL" or "Secure Socket Layer" encryption technology. Encrypting your user activity keeps unwanted individuals from eavesdropping. This helps ensure that not only your online banking login process, but also your entire browsing experience at the South Coast Bank & Trust site is protected from any potential threats. The transfer of information between your computer and the South Coast Bank & Trust website is secure and safe.

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The South Coast Bank & Trust web site uses a certificate issued by GeoTrust, Inc. , the second largest digital certificate provider in the world.  Another way to make sure you are on the South Coast Bank & Trust website is to double-click the padlock icon. The certificate information should state that the certificate was issued by GeoTrust, Inc. to www.southcoastbankandtrust.com.

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In addition, South Coast Bank & Trust has also partnered with Banno Monitor to offer a pharming shield, a 24/7 monitoring of the site from pharming attacks.



South Coast Bank & Trust Secure Sign-On

South Coast Bank & Trustís secure sign-on technology adds a layer of security for your personal and financial information.  When utilizing online banking you will be asked to create a username and password while also selecting  an image of your choosing.  This image will be shown each time you log in to ensure added verification and security.

Secure Sign-On Tips

  • Maintain the confidentiality of your username, password and picture to ensure single user access
  • Upon log in, if the appropriate picture is not displayed, do not enter your password and contact a South Coast Bank & Trust representative immediately
  • Only access your accounts from a trusted device running current anti-virus software
  • Do not use public computers to access your accounts
  • Never write down your password and change it regularly
  • Always log off your account when you are finished banking online

Mobile Banking Security

South Coast's mobile banking has built-in security features, including:

  • 128-bit encryption technology - communications are not allowed if a mobile device does not support this level of encryption
  • Personal or financial information is not stored on your phone and only retrieved when requested
  • Mobile banking will automatically log you off after inactivity (to protect your information in the event your phone is stolen)
  • South Coast will never ask for personal information, such as address or social security number, to verify your account
  • Do not store your login credentials on your mobile device
  • Always keep a close account of your phone in public places
  • Use different logins and passwords for mobile banking than for other common uses, such as email
  • Create a password that is at least eight characters long and that you can remember without writing down
  • Passwords that have uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols (where possible), are more difficult for attackers to guess
  • Do not use a password that contains easily found information, like a birthday, pet's name, or address

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